2 Month Milestone || Camping Underneath the Stars

Dean Bradley's 2 Month Milestone!

At two months old...

  • I love to stare at faces and smile when someone smiles at me. 
  • I respond to mom and dad's voices with my own sounds. 
  • I can follow objects such as the cat, and toys hanging from my play mat. 
  • I love to smile and laugh when someone smiles and laughs. 
  • I can hold my head and look around like nobody's business. 
  • I like to coo when I am happy. 
  • I can bear weight on my legs. 
  • I can turn my head towards loud sounds. 
  • I even recognize my mama's scent. 
Let's talk about this handsome fellow for a sec. Doesn't he just melt your heart? He's pretend camping with his new boho pal underneath the stars. I'm deeply in love with this month's milestone photo. I'm deeply in love with this little guy!!

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