Custom Wrapping Paper - DIY

Ever thought to yourself 'how can I make this gift extra special'? Try adding your own custom wrapping paper to your next gift! It might just jerk some tears, pull the heart strings, and really blow that special person in your life away. 

Here's how...

Step 1. 
You'll need a gift  ;)

Step 2. 
If you'd like the images to be smaller and recurring, I recommend creating a photo collage of the images of your choosing. Then print the collage at "full page" size so that there is almost no wasted paper. (Hint: 35mm format works pretty well). Print as many as you need to cover the gift you have in mind. Next, tape all the pages together as straight as you possibly can so it's all aligned perfectly.

Step 3. 
Let's get to wrapping!

Step 4.
Add your special touch.

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