Ryleigh: The Real Elsa of Arendelle

The doorbell rang and there was Ashley and Ryleigh at my doorstep one Saturday morning. My Canon backpack packed and ready sitting on the couch awaiting for an adventure. The weather outside blistering in the 100's, yet this pretty little girl named Ryleigh was eager to put on her Elsa dress and have her picture taken. 

I somehow convinced my eldest son Timothy to join us, and assist with carrying equipment. He wasn't very excited at the thought of "work", but he said "yes" anyway. 

We gathered our things, hopped in Ashley's SUV, and quickly turned to Waze for directions to what soon would be paradise

Upon arriving at our destination, the temperature up the mountains was cooler accompanied by a soft breeze. Don't get me wrong, it was still very hot! I quickly scouted the area, looking for the "right look". Searching for something I had only just pictured in my mind many times. After about five minutes, I found it! A hidden area surrounded by trees, with a tiny spot of light coming through. You see, you could make something out of nothing, take a photo on a whim, and make magic out of nowhere. 

Ryleigh (let's call her Ry) started to feel ill. She wanted to throw up. We stopped immediately, jammed over to help her, and then agreed she needed a bite to eat. So we turned behind us, and noticed a restaurant. With very little time into shooting, we took a break, and grabbed lunch at Angus McCurdy's. 

Ry and Timothy both got burgers, Ashley and I both got salads. We were served and then quickly greeted by a little girl named Elizabeth (but they call her Izzy). Izzy was wearing a Frozen t-shirt, her and Ry hit it off. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly children make friends. Brilliant really. 

Izzy's grandfather Tony came to greet us, and offered us a tour of The Secret Garden. Apparently this hidden treasure was nestled in the Ranch's secluded apple orchards. I had no idea this place was hiding such pristine grounds! Of course we jumped out of our seats for that scenic view. I mean, how often do you get such opportunity? 

To end this story on the note it deserves...I went off to capture many beautiful photographs of Ry inside The Secret Garden that day. Had Ry not felt ill, Ashley and I wonder if this stunning adventure would have been in our future that day. OH! In case you're wondering, Ry felt great after her meal at Angus McCurdy's! She then went off and well, I guess we'll let the photographs below tell the story...

Click here to view all images from this Frozen inspired photo shoot. 

Hope you've enjoyed these magical portraits. Until the next adventure!

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