Astronomy: The Lost Princess

And with every passing hour I'm so glad I left my tower, Like all you lovely folks I've got a dream! - Tangled
If I had to think of one little girl that embodies Disney fandom as a whole, it's this magnificent young lady named Astronomy. She's got spunk, she's caring, she defends her friends, and her beliefs...remind you of anyone yet? If you said Rapunzel, you nailed it lol.

When Astronomy's mom Rae and I were planning this photo theme, we decided to let Astronomy choose what she wanted to dress up as. Naturally, (the huge fan that she is) she picked Rapunzel. It's her favorite, and to be honest I cannot get enough of that movie! Psst...keep that between us ya? HA!

Instantly we were talking about frying pans, flower bows, Pascal, floating lanterns, and to my surprise Astronomy already owned the costume haha. It wasn't until I bought the cast iron pan that I realized how darn heavy even the small ones are! Rae handmade all the flower bows (aren't they pretty?). I ordered Pascal online (thank you eBay), and used my lampshade from our den to use as a lantern.

D-Day arrived and Rae walks up to my door with Astronomy. They were just overflowing in clothes, props, and all the things. They even brought a rocking horse along, in case I decided to go with the Maximus idea we had earlier discussed. We were so excited about this session I think we pretty much had all bases covered. When geeks unite magic happens...yeah that sounds about right lol.

They had arrived early in the day. We chatted and caught up on each other's lives a bit, and exchanged some creative ideas. All the while Astronomy and Tony finally met. Tony had his lightsabers at the ready, for he knew a padawan had arrived. They were instant friends!

*Insert hours of great conversation*

After we loaded up on a million carbs at Panera, we noticed we had only two hours before the sun would set. We quickly gathered our things and headed to our destination. I think it was around 105° that day, overcast, humid, and a whole lot of muggy. To be honest I'm surprised Rae was up for the session considering she was 30 weeks pregnant at the time. Even more surprised knowing how hot it would be here. Time was ticking, we had no time to waste, we quickly found our spot and started to unpack our props and equipment. 

With Astronomy's hair in a braid full of flower bows, and her princess dress on, I set my manual settings on my DSLR and got to business. Rae quickly set the tone with some Tangled music in the background. Things were happening, and with less than two hours left to shoot, (and a plethora of ideas in mind) I felt relieved to see how natural this all was for our little Rapunzel. She's no stranger to the camera thanks to her mommy! 

300+ photos later and it was a wrap. We accomplished everything we set out for, with time to spare! I compiled my favorite images from that day in my portfolio.

Click here to view the set titled 'The Lost Princess'.

Until the next adventure! #holdontothemagic


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