5 Month Milestone || One Enchanted Baby

 Dean Bradley's 5 Month Milestone!

At five months old...

  • I'm rolling over to my tummy (and back)!
  • I'm SO active, mama cannot keep her eyes off me ;)
  • I like to grab onto toys, hit mom's food off her hands, and play!
  • Bath time is still my favorite.
  • I can stand on my feet for a long time, if you hold me up.
  • The onesie I'm wearing in this picture is 6-9m.
  • I love when my brother Timmy holds me, and I love when my brother Tony talks to me. 
  • I love music, and I love to babble!
  • I enjoy going out in the stroller for a walk with mom.
Happy 5 months Dean! You've somehow managed to multiple the love in our hearts. Every. Single. Day.

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