Aloha The Second Half of my First Year

Dean Bradley's 7 Month Milestone!

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.
-Lilo and Stitch 

At seven months old...

  • I like to eat my toesies!
  • Apple-pumpkin-granola is my favorite meal.
  • I weigh 20 pounds now.
  • I take up the whole bed when I sleep.
  • I love the Doc McStuffins theme song.
  • Cinderella is my favorite kitty, I really love her!
  • When I stand I take small steps.
  • I am very vocal when I want something.
  • I am fussy. I am drooling more because I'm teething again.
  • I love to look around at everything, I am very curious.
  • I get around in many different ways--I creep, scoot, roll, and crawl.

Happy 7 months Dean! I love you my cheeky boy!

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