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Dean Bradley's 10 Month Milestone!

At ten months old...

  • I have a new smile with these eight teeth! 👄
  • My favorite toy is my Fisher Price 📱 Smartphone.
  • Words I've said: 💬 "dad" "mom" "all done" "dog" 
  • I like staring at the cars drive by. 🚗🚕🚓
  • There is not one baby 🍎 food I've refused to eat, I love food! 
  • I enjoy playing "ball" with my 👦 brother Tony.
  • I take my blankey and my paci everywhere I go! 👶
  • I love to "people watch" when I go places.
  • I love when my Mom, Dad, and brothers read 💖📚 books to me. 
  • I enjoy listening to Disney 🎶 music on car rides with my Mom. 
  • I like to give my mom and dad "noses" aka Eskimo kisses. 
  • I enjoy ripping the mail's weekly ads lol.
  • I'm super strong and super fast, my Mom thinks I'm kind of a huge deal.
  • I'm a cuddler! 💘😍

Happy 10 months Dean! You've grown so much in the past months! You can't keep your hands off electronics (which we try real hard to hide from you lol). You are so fun to be around, I know our lives have been enriched with each day we've had you. We love you cheeky boy!

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