Minecraft: Steve in the Overworld

Series 1 

What if I told you there are far more dimensions than the one you're currently in? 💭
I won't tell you that the overworld isn't everything it seems, because it is. Surely there are many great things here! Like sunsets, 🐶 pets, adventure, you name it!  What I am here to tell you is...it doesn't matter where you spawn, there are zero limitations to the places you can go, and the things you can create with your imagination.

Take my (very-much-virtual) ✋ hand, and navigate with me through a journey in Survival Mode. We will journey through portals, caves, and scenic terrains with our trusty companion Steve! How you ask? 

Hope you made your way back without respawning! Until the next adventure! #holdontothemagic ✌💖

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