New Minecraft Project in the Works!

Crafting the Perfect Shoot...

This is just a little glimpse into something HUGE we are working on currently! Minecraft has been part of our lives for years now. Just when you think your kids (and husband lol) would tire of it, they get even more into it! HOW?! All I know is that this pixel video game is a phenomenon. I've played it, I appreciate everything about it, and honestly I get quite excited with their line-up of toys. I can appreciate everything Mojang has created, and honor it at the same time with my own rendition of photographs. My son Tony (above) will be our hero Steve! My husband is assisting me with in-game-direction, creative ideas, and custom digitally rendered art. This is going to be BIG! Stay tuned...

Until the next adventure! #holdontothemagic

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