11 Month Milestone || Cheeky-Dean

Dean Bradley's 11 Month Milestone!

At eleven months old...

  • I really like to dance! 💃
  • I wake up my mom, then wave "hello" 👋 to her from my crib each morning. 
  • I clap 👏 to the song "If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands".
  • I am very good at playing "ball" with my family.
  • My favorite snack is 🍓 Strawberry+Beets Super Puffs.
  • I discovered eggs the other day, and I was not 🍳 havin' it! 
  • My favorite show is 💙 Doc McStuffins, I will clap and dance as soon as it comes on!
  • Toy Story is my favorite movie. 🚀⚡
  • I can stand all by myself for a long time, and walk (two steps without help) from one couch to the other. 💪😁
  • I still give "noses" 👃 to Mom and Dad, I still enjoy the weekly 📧 ads that come in the mail, and I'm certainly still a great 🤗 cuddler.
  • When I'm doing something I shouldn't, I always give it away with my sneaky 🤣 giggle haha.

Happy 11 months Dean! You're one month away from your BIG ONE YEAR MILESTONE, wow!

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