Our First Sequel

Minecraft Series 2 Coming this Month!

Do you guys remember back in February I shared with you all our very first 😍 Minecraft themed photos? If you missed it you can check that out here 👀. Well those images inspired me beyond belief! It holds a special place in my 💝 heart because I know what Minecraft means to my son Tony (who is starring in the photos). I was so inspired I began thinking about continuing the adventure and moving onto a second series, continuing the theme with my very own story-line.

And guess who is joining the second series?! Alex 👏👧, but of course! I hope if you're a Minecraft fan, or a mother/father/care-giver of a Minecraft fan, you come back and visit to see our Series 2 unfold.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with my antics. Until the next adventure! #holdontothemagic

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