Tony, my little Star-Lord!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Peter Quill 

This is by far my favorite band of intergalactic outlaws in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Out of pure excitement for Vol. 2 premiering in theaters this week I decided a "Magical Mini Session" was in order. We haven't seen Vol. 2 yet (our tickets are for tomorrow), so my inspiration for these was purely based on images released to promote the movie. I hope that even if you're not familiar with this fandom, you enjoy the visual artistry that went into creating this short-but-sweet set of images.

There are two types of beings in the universe: those who dance, and those who do not.
 I am Groot.
🎵 🅓🅐🅝🅒🅔  ðŸ…žðŸ…•ðŸ…•  ðŸ…‘🅡🅞 🎧🎶

Thanks for visiting! Until the next adventure #holdontothemagic!

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