Minecraft: Alex's Tale

Series 2

Meet Alex and her favorite pet kitty.

In Series 1 we left Steve navigating through portals, caves, and scenic terrains in a continuous search for his pal Alex...all caught up? Okay 😉 now back to the story!
With no luck he decides to travel to The End, and continues on to an End City where he finds Alex. With no time for greetings, Steve gives Alex a set of freshly-minted Elytra Wings, and off they went gliding with diamond swords at the ready.

Upon arriving back to the overworld, they quickly rescued a pig in danger as the night was inevitably setting in. Mobs were relentless. Our two brave heroes soon would have to fight their way through in order to find shelter til morning.

Days later they find a village where a Farmer is willing to make a trade for emerald. Steve and Alex trade a few gems. The golden sword Alex chose, a delicious pumpkin pie, and a much-needed map were well worth the trade. They'd been on the road for far too long, they needed the fuel and map to make it back to Alex's house. You'll be happy to hear that the pig they rescued found this village to be the perfect home!

With map in hand our two courageous pals start their journey once again. Alex is ready to head back home to recharge after such a long adventure.

Alex's home overlooks the ocean as an Iron Golem protects it while she's away. They arrive as the sun rises to the east. Steve and Alex enjoy one last sparring session before he heads back to his house.


For Tony, and his endless love for Minecraft. 💖

Special thanks to the talented Astronomy for bringing Alex to life.
To my amazing husband Anthony for assisting with all the animations that I used to re-imagine Minecraft in these photographs. Thank you for your patience in building that tower from scratch for me, it came out perfect babe!
And to the reader (you) for making it this far. 


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