Freshman on Campus

Timothy Turns Fourteen!

It's been a whole year since we've done a Portrait Session together. This year so much has changed...Timothy is now a freshman in high school, he has his own phone number, and he continues to grow his independence with every passing day. We bond over music, talk about the latest trends, and fashion. We enjoy watching all of Gordon Ramsey's cooking shows together, Kitchen Nightmares  being our favorite. We go to the movies a lot to catch the latest superhero films (Marvel, DC, Star Wars etc). It brings me joy to be able to share so much I enjoy with my son who enjoys it as much as I do!

We shot these photos on his birthday, in what seems like the middle of nowhere, right before his birthday dinner. Looking at these portraits all I can think about is which to turn into a framed enlargement. Feel free to vote for your favorite in the comments below! 😉

Thanks for visiting! Until the next adventure, #holdontothemagic.

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