Thor: Ragnarok, Just in Time for Helaween!

Are you guys ready for #Helaween

To celebrate the anticipated film my son Tony and I decided to do a Thor: Ragnarok Mini Session. What can we say...we're Marvel fans!!

With not much to go by (since the film is not out yet) we decided to take bits of what we've seen in the movie trailers/posters and gather inspiration from them to create this set of images.

Inspired by one of the Thor: Ragnarok movie posters.

Inspired by one of the movie trailer scenes from Thor: Ragnarok.

Working on these with my son was a lot of fun. He got to pretend to be Thor for an afternoon, got into superhero mode, and kicked this Mini Sessions butt!

We hope you enjoy! Until next time #holdontothemagic!


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