Tonight's Episode: "Woody's Finest Hour"

The first time I watched the Toy Story 2 film I learned about Sheriff Woody's true origin. He was a famous cowboy on a TV show titled 'Woody's Roundup'. I (and the rest of the world) realized his origin right alongside him, and found out that his show was canceled after the launch of Sputnik 1.

"Once the astronauts went up, children only wanted to play with space toys." -Stinky Pete

Cowboys were no longer popular...

In the last episode of Woody's Roundup we see Jessie and Stinky Pete trapped in an abandoned mine. Prospector lit a stick of dynamite thinking it was a candle, and they were about to be blown to smithereens. 

"Ride like the wind, Bullseye!" -Woody

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you our version of a rebooted 🤠🐴 'Woody's Roundup'. We've made a couple changes to the program since it is now 2017. We are now blessed with color in high-def so we decided to bask in all the gorgeous colors (although we truly enjoy black and white as well). I also thought it would be fun to see the elements of the show no longer need strings. 

Okay enough talking, let's get to the good stuff! I hope you tune in and enjoy.


Will Woody and Bullseye land to safety?

Yes!! Bullseye makes the jump! Off they go to the abandoned mine to rescue Jessie and Stinky Pete.

The critters that they sent to go get Sheriff Woody returned to the abandoned mine to help. They reached the abandoned mine in time! Bullseye takes off to return Jessie and Stinky Pete to town. Meanwhile inside the dark abandoned mine an owl lights the way as Sheriff Woody dumps water to stop the almost blown up dynamite! Whew! That was a CLOSE ONE. Bravo Sheriff! Bravo Bullseye! Bravo critters!

Bullseye returns for Sheriff Woody and brings him back to the station where many happy critters greet him with joy. It was a good day for this town.

"I'd like to join your posse, boys, but first I'm gonna sing a little song." -Woody
As an exciting day comes to an end, the Sheriff and his pals enjoy the beautiful view while he plays the tunes to "You've Got a Friend in Me". 


Sheriff Woody: Dean (my 1¹/₂ year old son)
Assistant: Anthony (my husband)
Photography & Creative Editing: Yesie McEwan (yours truly)

⭐   🤠   🐴   🌵   ⭐

I hope you all enjoyed our conclusion to the final episode. If you would like to see more of this series leave us a comment in the section below, we'd love to know if you're excited to see more of our version of 'Woody's Roundup'.

Thanks for making it this far! Until the next adventure! #holdontothemagic

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