Remember Me

Now, this is an entry I had in mind of writing earlier this year in March.
March 30, 2018 marked my 10th year as a Photographer. On that very day I picked up my very first semi-professional Canon DSLR, and with it, shot my first shoot.
I had this idea of making a great big deal by celebrating with all of you, my milestone, my joy, and my progress-then to now. Sadly that did not happen. Due to unfortunate circumstances at the time, my health was unstable, and my business along with this blog moved to a halt. As much as it hurt me to stop creating new content, I knew that without my full focus and attention on my health, treatment, and lifestyle changes, that I would not be able to come back and continue as my best self.

Today, months later, I am more in control of my health and feel like I can start coming back to do the things I've long been waiting to do. The things that get me excited each day. So here I am, wanting to share them with you! 🙌😉

"Remember Me"

Remember Me, is a set of images I created that represent "remember me 10 years later". Disney Pixar's COCO had just been released and to me, it seemed like poetic timing.

We drove to Downtown Riverside and shot the photographs in the heart of the city. We had a lot of fans driving by slowly to cheer on "Miguel", yelling "COCO" as they passed us by. It was a special day, which we ended by visiting the local Starbucks to refuel my cute little model, my son Tony.

There are SO many more photographs I wish I had worked on at the time, but these are the only two that I was able to create. Some day I'll go back and complete the series, until then, we'll at least have these to look back on and adore. 💖

Thanks for visiting and making it this far! Until the next adventure! #holdontothemagic

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