"Monster Truck" Magical Edit in Photoshop | Time Lapsed

For the first time ever, I'm inviting you behind-the-scenes into my editing room!

To kick-off my brand new YouTube Channel  (you can subscribe here ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ ) I will be recording every minute of some of my newest creations--to share with the world. My very first upload (shown below) was inspired by my son Dean's love for monster trucks. For his birthday I decided to take photos of him on his Grave Digger power-wheel and together create some adventurous photos.

Before / After

Capturing children at every age and every stage is so meaningful to me. Children change their favorite "show and set of toys" to something different each year or every six months (who knows lol)...and they'll continue to evolve over time. So to me, freezing every moment is my own way of creating one super-magical timeline! Of course, I capture most of their steps and daily events on my phone, as most of us do. I save most of these intricate milestone photo sessions for special moments like birthdays and holidays. Sometimes we'll create special series of photos for fun! These portraits help me see the world through their eyes...full of imagination, wonder, and innocence.

It is so much fun to create the impossible!

Watch the "Monster Truck" Magical Edit in Photoshop | Time Lapsed Video

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