Traditional VS. Magical

A comparison of the two types of portrait styles we offer.

Traditional Edit.jpg

Traditional Portraiture

Traditional Portrait Photography focuses more on the person in the photo. You can come to expect close-ups, upper-body shots, some environmental portraits, and if something more candid and artistic is desired--lifestyle portraits as well.

Traditional Portraiture is a great form of capturing certain milestones such as: Back-to-School, Graduations, Birthdays, Half-Birthdays, milestones special to you, and or just because you need updated beautiful images of your gorgeous Family.

Magical Edit.jpg

Magical Portraiture

This is a category I coined as Magical Portrait Photography. Due to my style and brand the name just fit perfectly. However to most, this style has many names including: Fine Art, Surreal, and Composite, -photography. Magical Portraiture will tend to focus more on the character, theme, and story we are trying to create. Some close-ups or upper-body shots can be included as well, however, you can expect the character (aka your child) and story to be the overall focus of the portrait gallery.

Magical Portraiture allows your child to step into the worlds they hold so dear. They delve into character, and help create timeless artistic memories that even their grandchildren will be able to enjoy as heirlooms. These fine art images are unique and exciting, and will make a spectacular focal point for any room in your home. 

If Magical Portraiture is something you would love to add to your package, then a Magical Portrait Session may be the pixie-dusted selection that's right for you!